Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Baby kakapo

A wee flock of baby beanie Kakapo have found their way to our store! All of us have been waiting to see these guys come to life and we were so happy with how they came out.

All made from salvaged retro NZ fabrics and all $19.90 each with $1 from each sale going towards our goal of donating $1000 to the Kakapo Recovery team by Christmas.

These will soon be online and you'll be the first to know!

Our goal count in store below. We're almost halfway!  

Summer colours.

This beautiful shot on the road in the deep South (West Coast, NZ) features some of the dominant colours in our summer collection. We can't wait to share it with you!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Kiwis back kiwi

This month is Kiwis for Kiwi month!

A shocking amount of chicks (95%!) don't survive in the wild and so we are collecting 50c from every kiwi sale in store and online to donate to the cause as well as donating this big boy below to the trademe auctions (you can click here to see what's already up for grabs).

You can see our kiwis here! Every sale counts -  beanies to biggies.

Here is a wee overview of what a donation might help the Department of Conservation with.

- $25 Buys one trap and trap box
- $50 A kiwi health check
- $75 Train one dog to avoid kiwi
- $100 Protect one kiwi for an entire year
- $1,200 Fund one year in the life of a BNZ Operation Nest Egg chick
- $2,500 Buy one receiver to pick up transponder signals

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Kowhai in store

While we are on the topic of the beautiful kowhai we thought we'd share a sneak peek at a new colourway, kowhai, of our Mahuru Spring print.

Coming soon!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Kowhai in bloom

The kowhai are still blooming.. just! And as we are big fans we've been giving away kowhai seeds to whomever might like one of these cheery bloomers at their own place and we still have some left. Every purchase (in store) comes with 5 seeds.

Pop in to see us if you'd like some!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kiwis for Kiwi

We are officially in Save Kiwi Month and we think that's something worthy of making noise about.

Our national icon needs saving now. Currently, 95% of kiwi chicks die in the wild. If nothing is done, our children could be the last generation to see kiwi in their natural habitat. Don’t let our kids grow up without kiwi.

A donation can help kiwi conservationists across New Zealand to carry on their dedicated work in the field – trapping predators, monitoring kiwi, protecting kiwi habitats and educating communities. $100 will save a kiwi by providing predator control for an entire year! It's not much if you can rally a group of friends to donate too.

Head over to the website. There is a video and a lot of information all about the cause. Plus you can even download a individual, school or business fundraising toolkit! Kiwis for Kiwi! We can do this!

Below are our cute kiwi but we are very worried they might be the only guys still hanging around 10 years from now.

On location

Our brilliant photographer, Kate van der Drift, in action getting her feet wet yesterday. She's been busy shooting our new brochure - showing up in The NZ Herald shortly (we'll warn you!).

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